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I use Gnome-Terminal for a lot of my work, and like separating my windows by color based on the task that I'm doing, so I've set up several profiles using the Preferences GUI.

I found some color themes online that I like and would like to use as a base for some of my profiles, including any that I create in the future. However, the Preferences GUI only has a few color theme options, and I would need to change all of the colors manually any time I want to use one of these custom themes.

Is there a way I can add custom themes to my Preferences GUI? If that's not possible, is there another way I can easily set a custom color theme for a profile? I know I can manually change the colors in other places, like gconf-editor, but I'd prefer an easy way to just tell it the color theme by name and have it handle the rest (like what you can do with the GUI).

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The color palettes are all hard-coded so adding custom themes to gnome-terminal built-in Prefs Menu is not possible unless you are willing to patch the source code and recompile the application.

One way of setting a custom color themes for your profile is via scripts. Have a look at how solarize does it:


Note, though, that gconf is EOL and future releases of gnome-terminal will use gsettings backend.

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