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Ubuntu is able to detect my Lenovo "Mic Mute" button with acpi_listen, but when I try it on Arch Linux, there is no output available.

Model: Thinkpad X220 4290LY9

Tried to add acpi_osi=Linux in kernel cmdline, but mic mute still has no output from acpi_listen.

After adding acpi_osi option, the led of my output mute button, no longer toggles, but it still functions.

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Apart from comparing their dmesg output, adding acpi_osi="Linux" to the Kernel command line could help (Does it?) –  sr_ May 15 '12 at 13:27
@sr_ tried , no luck –  warl0ck May 15 '12 at 13:36
See if xev can detect it. You can use amixer to mute, though that might not be what you want. –  user13742 May 15 '12 at 14:08
@hesse , no either –  warl0ck May 15 '12 at 14:43

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