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I'm trying to modify the domain search order that is obtained via DHCP a la dhclient.conf:

append domain-search "example.com";

I'm using Fedora 17 (beta) and it uses NetworkManager. It builds a file /var/run/nm-dhclient-INTERFACE.conf which it then calls as the config file for dhclient. My question is, how do I get NetworkManager to insert my line into that file?

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Edit (or create) /etc/dhcp/dhclient-<device>.conf and add the line

append domain-search "example.com";
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In fedora 19 I was able to do this by editing /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-[network name here] and adding a line at the end that said:


It automatically restarted the connection when I saved and everything.

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