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Is there a hook available that allows to sanitize email recipients before sending the email?

Ideally, upon pressing "y", the name part is removed from all recipients and only the email address remains:

Mike Anderson <ma@example.com>, Andi Mikeson <am@example.com>


ma@example.com, am@example.com
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You could of course insert some filtering script between Mutt and your SMTP client (making Mutt pipe header+mail into the script, having the script call the SMTP client with the altered header+mail). But Mutt can probably do this already... – sr_ May 14 '12 at 12:49
Yeah, that would be an option too. My current workflow is: new mail -> enter recipients via goobook -> compose message in vim -> vim macro to sanitize the "TO:" line. – Chris May 14 '12 at 13:06
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From your comment, you already got a macro to sanitise the To: line in Vim, so an easy solution might be to

  1. create a secondary vimrc with an autocmd that triggers your macro on BufWrite
  2. set Vim with this configuration as your editor in Mutt.
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