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I am trying to get my mind around Zeitgeist, using the Python DBus API.

To get the latest accessed files and application is not so hard, here is what I do:

#! /usr/bin/env python

from zeitgeist.client import ZeitgeistDBusInterface
from zeitgeist.datamodel import Event, Interpretation, TimeRange, \
 StorageState, ResultType

zg = ZeitgeistDBusInterface()
events = zg.FindEvents(
 StorageState.Available, 3, ResultType.MostRecentEvents)

for e in events:
    event = Event(e)
    subjects = event.get_subjects()
    for s in subjects:
        print "subject", s.text, s.uri

The interpretation flag Interpretation.ACCESS_EVENT returns all matching events, i.e. files and application accessed. Much more interpretation flags are available, but I do not succeed in getting results from events other than with Interpretation.EVENT_INTERPRETATION and its subclasses. More specifically I would like to access Interpretation.DATA_CONTAINER and its subclass, but it never returns any result.

So am I doing something wrong in that case? Could you suggest anything?

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