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I've got my vacation coming in and thought I might use that for something useful. Essentially, I've been a Linux user since around 1995 when I installed Slackware 2.0 on my computer and have been running Linux exclusively at home since around 1999.

By many people's standards I would probably be an expert on a lot of things related to Linux. However, I'm pretty sure there are tons of cool tips and tricks that I've missed and which would be too annoyingly scattered around the net to be found easily. I've got a list of things here and finding books for these would be cool:

  1. Advanced usage of the shell (not talking about shell scripting) and using some of the more esoteric binaries that one can find in /bin and /usr/bin? I.e. why are they useful can I use them to make some tasks easier? For example, I don't think I've ever ran any of the following standard binaries:

    cut, readlink, fmt, tee

  2. mingetty and most things related to tty's is something I've never bothered to look into. Like how would I configure a serial console etc. I'm looking for a source with everything useful I might need about tty's.

Since I mainly use Linux for my own tasks as I work in academia, I would not mind to study things that senior enterprise UNIX admins have to deal with. Although, I know I won't actually able to learn this properly, since I won't be able to get the hands on experience. I have around 10 old computers in one big pile in my garage and they should work, so they could be used to tinker with fun things like the following:

  1. Clustering: Both high-availability as well as scientific computation.

  2. How storage is handled in enterprise networks.

  3. Virtualization technologies: Both VMs for running stuff on them as well as storage.

  4. Cloud computing platforms like OpenStack. (yes, this overlaps heavily with previous point)

  5. I'm also interested in learning how things like authentication and user management is dealt with in larger organizations. What pieces are typically used and how does it glue together.

This would probably work best as a community wiki, so I'm essentially looking at lists of good resources from people that actually work with this stuff and know what they are doing (i.e. have real-world experience with this stuff in larger environments... I mean I can google stuff too, but not filter the most relevant results based on experience).

EDIT: I'm a mathematician/cryptographer/computer scientist... and I've sort of realized that working with low-level mathematical building blocks of stuff used in enterprise security, I'm very ignorant about how things are actually used in practice.

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