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Is there a shortcut to jump from , e.g <XX> to </XX> ?

I already give it a try with '%' , but it doesn't work for this situation.

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I think you'll need a plugin like matchit in order to be able to match XML tags. matchit itself seems to come with most vim distributions, but you'll still have to enable it yourself. :help matchit-install for more. –  jw013 May 9 '12 at 0:51

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  • Install the matchit plugin (see :help matchit-install for instructions).
  • Make sure automatic file-type detection and plugin-loading is enabled (:filetype plugin on).

Henceforth, whenever you edit a file detected as xml or html or some other tag-based markup language, the combination of the matchit plugin and the filetype plugin files will allow the % motion to match open and close tags.

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