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I have been trying to install TortoiseHG with the yum command on my RedHat system and have been struggling. I thought perhaps I should install it from the source. I used the instructions here and here. However, it still didn't work. I am afraid that I am missing something obvious. My system is:

  • RHEL 5.3
  • Mercurial 1.8.1
  • Python 2.4.3

Commands I have run to install Nautilus extension are

  • cd to a directory holding all my local repository CassieRep

    cd CassieRep

  • clone the tortoisehg repository

    hg clone http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg tortoisehg

  • create a symlink

    ln -s /home/Cassie/CassieRep/tortoisehg/thg /usr/bin

  • deal with nautilus

    mkdir -p ~/.nautilus/python-extensions
    ln -s /home/Cassie/CassieRep/tortoisehg/contrib/nautilus-thg.py \
  • restart nautilus

    nautilus -q

The items on my desktop disappeared. I actually logged out and log in again.I tried to type in thg on an terminal but system did not recognize it.

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What happens when you run the /home/Cassie/CassieRep/tortoisehg/thg executable on the command line? –  jsbillings May 4 '12 at 21:51
Also, why RHEL 5.3? You realize there are dozens of known exploits in the kernel alone? –  jsbillings May 4 '12 at 21:51
When I ran the command, I got the error message as ImportError: No module named PyQt4.uic.Compiler.About the RHEL version, I am not sure if I have authority to change it so I would like to deal with it first. Thanks, –  Cassie May 10 '12 at 20:26
I tried to check if my machine has PyQt by command yum list PyQt.It showed PyQt.x86_64 3.16-4 installed. Does it mean I have to update my PyQt ? Thanks, Or I should find a older version of Tortoise ? –  Cassie May 11 '12 at 19:05
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I had the same need in the past on CentOS 6, and I joined several resources to create a single solution. You can see the answer I wrote in the post I put in stackoverflow.com.
Our developers need to work on CentOS 6 as their desktop, and our VCS is Mercurial.

Mercurial and TortoiseHG on CentOS 6.5

I hope this helps.

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