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Using Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit, whenever I try apt-get [anything] or dpkg [anything] I get this error:

dpkg: error: el fichero de registros de disparadores menciona un 
      nombre de paquete ilegal `libglib2.0-0' (en el fichero
      ambiguous package name 'libglib2.0-0' with more than one installed instance

Any ideas for this?

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I had same problem, after simply running apt-get upgrade. Somehow got mixed packages: i386 and amd64 at the same time.

First, I edited /var/lib/dpkg/triggers/File and removed all lines having :i386, then ran:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

This deleted libglib* and one other package (it was a replacement of lib-glib with another name).

After multiple apt-get clean, apt-get check, apt-get upgrade (I do not remember right actions now) I finnally got dpkg -l working, filtered all packages for the wrong architecture (I have 64-bit kubuntu, so all i386 are wrong for me):

dpkg -l | grep ":amd" | awk '{print "\""$2"\""}'

Modified the output to put it all that into a single line and ran:

sudo dpkg --purge <dpkg output in single line>

All i386 packages were gone and I could then proceed with my upgrade.

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Check for the package performing an apt-get search, use the remove command and then re-install the library again.

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I'm afraid it is not working... after looking for the package, I tried to remove but the same error was given. In fact, every action I try to perform via apt-get finishes with the same error – Fernando May 7 '12 at 12:38

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