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Currently, I have a plain text file, A, such as

lowest priority
very high significance.
very novel

In this file, every line contains a sentence. I want to separate this file into multiple files, and each file is composed of a single line of the original file, A. For instance, with respect to the example file A, I want to generate four files:

  • A1, which has single line, lowest priority
  • A2, which has single line, very high significance
  • A3, which has single line, outstanding
  • A4, which has single line, very novel.

How to do that under linux?

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You can easily do it using split command. E.g.:

split -l1 -d -a 3 A A

Check man split for details.

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Also, awk is pretty straightforward:

awk '{filename = FILENAME NR; print > filename; close(filename)}' A
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n=1; while IFS= read -r line; do printf %s\\n "$line" > A$n; n=$((n+1)); done <A
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