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I am trying to learn bash scripting. I am working on a practical problem and at one point I need to add a line to a file which requires root permission to write.

The code looks like this:

# some code
echo "add this line to the code" >> fileName
# some code

Is it possible to somehow make the script ask for the root password, validate the password, and on successful authentication modify the file? The script should then return to the user mode and continue the command execution.

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There's a tip in the sudo man page which explains how to do something like this. Here's my one-liner:

sudo sh -c "echo \"add this line to the code\" >> fileName"

Obviously, you'll first have to set up your user to have sudo privileges. The sh shell is used because of the redirection to the root-owned file. I also had to escape the quotes used for the echo command.

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su is available on most unix systems and should work:

su root -c 'echo "add this line to the code" >> fileName'
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