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I am looking for a way to check outgoing mails with rules like :

  • mails sent to a particular domain
  • mails sent without subject or with a specific subject
  • mails with an attachment of a certain size
  • mails sent to x recipients

What I want to do when a mail is recognised by one of these rules could be to send it to a special address, to save it with smtp-sink or return a special message.

Is this possible to do this check and apply an action within postfix or a couple of scripts called by postfix ?

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You could combine your Postfix setup with some other mail server dealing with the logic, like Lamson, a mail handling framework written/configurable in Python. See its documentation on the FSM logic, and the getting started.

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That's a good idea. Thanks – Coren Apr 27 '12 at 16:08

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