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Can I reload xserver-xorg-input-mouse driver on the fly? For example, after I modify and recompile the source

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I spent days searching for the same answer. I never did find it. I've tried: xinput disable <device name>; rmmod psmouse (replace binary in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input) modprobe psmouse; xinput enable <device name>. But I think it's still using the old driver. I must be missing something... – Andrew Lundin Jun 18 '13 at 4:54
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In an email from Peter Hutterer, who maintains a lot of the Xorg input stack:

right now, you can't unload a module without restarting the server. patches to support that were floating around at some point but never got merged.

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Thanks, did you find this answer or actually mailed him? – Jakub M. Sep 27 '13 at 20:28
I mailed him about something else and asked this question as a side-note. If you really need it, you might be able to find those patches on the Xorg-devel list archive. I haven't looked... – Andrew Lundin Oct 1 '13 at 3:47

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