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When I run :make from vim and there's an error, it opens that file on the error line number in the current buffer. If possible, I would prefer it switch tabs to the file if it's already open, or make a new tab with the error file. Is this possible?

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You can work with a quickfix window:

In the quickfix window, each line is one error. The line number is equal to the error number. You can use ":.cc" to jump to the error under the cursor. Hitting the Enter key or double-clicking the mouse on a line has the same effect. The file containing the error is opened in the window above the quickfix window. If there already is a window for that file, it is used instead.

(from Vim's quickfix.txt, Section 2)

Just type

:help quickfix-window

in vim to get there.

For example


opens a quickfix window.

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I looked a quickfix before posting this, but your instructions make it clearer. It's probably the way to go, thanks. – Peter Zich Apr 29 '12 at 1:02

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