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I have an interesting situation, I have a runaway ruby process - I know exactly how I trigger it.

Point is, it got me thinking about runaway processes (CPU usage or memory usage).

  • How would one monitor runaway processes with cron? grep / top / ulimit?

  • Can one notify the user via the
    command line if something like this

  • What alternatives are there to Monit?

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Instead of writing a script yourself you could use the verynice utility. Its main focus is on dynamic process renicing but it also has the option to kill runaway processes and is easily configured.

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Thank you. It seems perfect for my situation. – Forkrul Assail Nov 4 '10 at 6:21
Or Auto-Nice daemon -- same concept, different implementation. <and.sourceforge.net/>; – mattdm Jan 2 '11 at 22:43

The more conventional way to do this would be by imposing hard limits via ulimit -- it can even stop a forkbomb. As Marcel Stimberg said, verynice is a similar utility but focuses solely on nice value rather than, say, limiting memory usage which was included in your question.

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