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The following command screen -t 'fubar' cmd will create a new screen window with the command cmd running in it and will set the focus to this window.

How can I keep the focus in the current screen window, not the new one?

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I do not know how to solve your precise problem, but you can try to create a new detached screen in your screen with something like: screen -t 'fubar' -d -m cmd – lcipriani Apr 20 '12 at 10:33
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I'm not sure that you can do it in one go, here is a workaround:

screen -t 'fubar' cmd & sleep .01; screen -X other
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screen -X other does indeed return me to the first screen which is what I wanted. Nice workaround. – Sardathrion Apr 20 '12 at 13:29

Inside a current screen session, this will start your command in a new screen window and then immediately switch back to your previous screen window, effectively backgrounding the new screen window.

Enter the screen command line with Ctrl-a : and enter

eval 'screen top' 'other'

eval parses and executes each argument as a seperate command. So the first command is to run top in a new screen window and the second command is toggle to the window displayed previously.

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