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Possible Duplicate:
syntax_highlight <source_file> | lpr

I have about 20 Python scripts that I wish to print as PDF. I wish to print them the way GEdit would allow me to, with:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Line Numbering
  • Page Headers

Is there any way I can achieve this through the terminal or in any other way which allows for batch printing?

One way is to write a small script to wrap it within alltt or verbatim and compile it with LaTex. But this seems like an overkill.

I have read the question on SuperUser.SE but all the solutions print the code as if it were a story book; no syntax highlighting or any of the above mentioned requirements. Another similar question on SuperUser.SE uses Mac OSX Automator.

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Given your requirements, a simple wrapper that replaces FILENAMEHERE with $1 in a nicely prepared template LaTeX file doesn't seem like overkill to me; especially given the special packages for source code (see these answers at tex.stackexchange.com). – sr_ Apr 17 '12 at 14:59
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You can use a2ps. With the -o OUTPUTFILE.ps option, it produces a postscript file, which then can be converted to pdf using e.g. ps2pdf (from the ghostscript package). Line numbering can be enabled with --line-numbers=1. I do not know if the syntax highlighter of a2ps supports recent python standards.

If you prefer the LaTeX solutions, I would recommend the listings package.

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a2ps is a very interesting package! – user14517 Apr 17 '12 at 19:49