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I have a SFF (Small Form Factor) PC that I am attempting to install IPCop v2.0.3 onto for use as a firewall in my home network. As it is SFF (Mini-ITX) it did not come with a disk drive and I do not have an external one. I attempted to install via a USB stick, however when I boot up the computer it goes through initial startup and then boots to the SSD to a black screen saying "NO OS Found".

I am trying to install IPCop onto a Jetway NF9D-2700 Dual LAN Intel Atom D2700 2.13GHz mini-itx based computer, onto a Crucial 64GB SSD.

I used a method by Nicholas Overstreet, and basically used dd for windows to install the IPCop image onto a USB drive.

I have tried this with both the ipcop-2.0.3-install-usb-hdd.i486.img and ipcop-2.0.3-install-usb-fdd.i486.img, but neither worked.

Does anyone know if there is any problem with this hardware recognizing the IPCop install via USB? Or have any other helpful hints?

I went to BIOS and set the boot priority to the USB drive prior to attempting the install, but it didn't help.

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