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What's the format of the "natescapes" cookies.txt when I need to mirror a website that requires login. I use some chrome extension that returns cookies in that format, I save them in cookies.txt, import with wget command but no use, it just downloads content like I'm not logged in at all

Appreciated any help

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The format is Netscape format as stated in the man page and this format is:

The layout of Netscape's cookies.txt file is such that each line contains one name-value pair. An example cookies.txt file may have an entry that looks like this: TRUE / FALSE 946684799 NETSCAPE_ID 100103

Each line represents a single piece of stored information. A tab is inserted between each of the fields.

From left-to-right, here is what each field represents:

domain - The domain that created AND that can read the variable.

flag - A TRUE/FALSE value indicating if all machines within a given domain can access the variable. This value is set automatically by the browser, depending on the value you set for domain.

path - The path within the domain that the variable is valid for.

secure - A TRUE/FALSE value indicating if a secure connection with the domain is needed to access the variable.

expiration - The UNIX time that the variable will expire on. UNIX time is defined as the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT.

name - The name of the variable.

value - The value of the variable.

(From "The Unofficial Cookie FAQ", edited for clarity)

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Is the file Tab or Space seperated? – ferrybig Nov 1 at 22:14

One way of getting cookies for wget is to use the --keep-session-cookies options of wget.

For example :

wget --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies cookies.txt "http://MYSITE/?__login=USER&__password=PASS"

The ?__login etc depends on the web site you're trying to mirror, you might have to look at how the authentication form works.

Then you can use :

wget --mirror --load-cookies cookies.txt http://MYSITE/
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this doesn't answer the question of what the file format is – Michael Jan 9 at 20:37

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