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I just got a new laptop (HP ProBook 4520s), and I don't have my PC here, with which I used to create bootable USB's to install Ubuntu with. I only have an USB, an external hard drive, and some CDs/DVDs, at the moment. So, my question goes, how do I into Ubuntu?

I'm on Suse 11, which came preinstalled, so basically I'm asking how to create a LiveCD/bootable something on Suse.

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You can use usb-creator-kde to transfer the Ubuntu installation ISO to a USB stick. The correct SuSE package name to install is usb-creator.

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I did not use it on Suse but I used unetbootin in the past and it seems to available for Suse, too.

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If you have CDs then burn a live disk using K3b or brasero.

If you want to create a live USB then download the image and dd it.

This should help you out.

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