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I already asked the same question at Super User, but I think it's better suited here, sorry:

I have some problems getting the DVI output of my onboard Intel graphics device running when using KMS. VGA works fine.

For X.org I was able to get everything running as it should using some xrandr commands being executed when gdm3 starts.

Unfortunately I still had no luck in enabling the DVI output during boot and shutdown process or when I switch to a tty console using CTRL+ALT+Fn. I enabled KMS in /etc/modprobe.d/i915-kms.conf but it's the same behaviour when I use i915.modeset=1 as a boot parameter in grub2. I tried enabling the DVI output via the video parameter passing video=DVI1:e as well as video=DVI1:1680x150@60e what are the corrent settings for my monitor. Still no luck. When I disable KMS or pass acpi=offto the kernel what seems to have the same effect I get the video output from DVI but of course have other drawbacks.

I'm using LMDE running kernel 3.2.0-2-486 (Debian 3.2.9-1) but already tried a 2.6.somewhat version.

Any ideas how to enable DVI output even outside X?

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