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Using the screen terminal environment, I ofen enter copy mode by using Ctrl-aEsc. However, the scrollable output is often too short for me to view the desired information.

What do I modify to extend the length of this output?

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It's all there on the screen man page:

You can do it from the command line when you start screen:

-h num

    Specifies the history scrollback buffer to be num lines high.

Or from the .screenrc file:

defscrollback num

Same as the scrollback command except that the default setting for new windows is changed. Initial setting is 100.

Or from within screen, using the C-a: command:

scrollback num

Set the size of the scrollback buffer for the current windows to num lines. The default scrollback is 100 lines. See also the "defscrollback" command and use "C-a i" to view the current setting.

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