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I'm trying to get shared memory information from a linux box. I'm looking for shmmax, shmmni, shmall, msgmax, msgmni, semmsl, semmns etc. How to get all those values from a Perl script. any help is appreciated?

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I don't see anything relevant on CPAN. IPC::Shareable doesn't provide access to these settings. Perhaps @poige's answer is the easiest way. – Mischa Arefiev Apr 9 '12 at 11:27

Would sysctl -a|fgrep shm or ipcs -l satisfy your knowledge appetite as starting points?

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Using Tie::Sysctl, you could probably (I didn't test it) use something along

use Tie::Sysctl;

tie %t, 'Tie::Sysctl';
print "shmmax: ".$t{kernel}{shmmax};

etc, mildly sugaring plain /proc/sys reads.

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