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Where is the conventionally accepted location of node.js/express web apps, in a linux file system?

Currently I've got a subdirectory in /opt/ but I'd like to hear other people's view on this...

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The /opt directory is a good location for the program distribution files. The /srv directory is used for the programs run-time data. (Please see the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.) Unlike the /etc directory where the standard indicates that the /opt/<pkg> configuration files should be placed in /etc/opt/<pkg>, there is no standardization that /srv/opt/<pkg> should be a parallel structure (although it's probably not a bad idea).

In summary:

/opt/webserver/     (your node.js application)

    config.json     (configuration file for your web server)

/srv/opt/webserver/ (opt subdirectory suggested, but not required)


Please keep in mind that this is the general case, and is not unique to express applicaitons.

Hope that helps,


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Why did you recommend to put logs into /var/opt/webserver and not into /var/log/webserver? Is this a typo? – kaiser Feb 19 at 12:39

The most appropriate place would be under /srv.

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