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I am trying to syncronize my clipboard with a remote machine using XQuartz and xsel. It works, but only after I run an X windows program:

connecting from Mac OS X with Quartz running and the pasteboard options selected:

ssh user@host -X
ls | xsel -b

(local clipboard is not affected)


(close xeyes)

ls | xcel -b

(now local system's clipboard works as you would expect)

it seems that starting any x program, like xeyes or gvim somehow completes the connection.

xsel has an option to specify display - would that affect thing?

I don't have startx or xinit installed (and I don't really want to install those) and this works fine after starting one of these x programs.

I also installed xsm to try and debug or figure out the display name, but running it just tells me:

sh: iceauth: not found
sh: twm: not found
sh: xterm: not found
smproxy: unable to connect to session manager

How can I do whatever xeyes or gvim does so that my X connection 'completes' and the keyboard starts working?

ps: My apologies as I know this is a rather specialized subset of linux knowledge, I've tried to do my best in asking the question though, and I have ordered a book on X.

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Easiest is probably to run xset q or xdpyinfo, redirecting the output to /dev/null so that it doesn't puke on your display.


This will run a screensaver, then kill it (change the path and delay as needed):

/usr/libexec/mate-screensaver/popsquares & { sleep 0.01 ; kill $! ; }
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thanks for your answer. installed both x11-utils and x11-session-utils so i could run those commands but didn't have any luck. running xeyes still does the trick though. – cwd Mar 29 '12 at 20:46
Hrm. I guess you need an application that opens a window and closes after a time. Not display... Oh! Maybe a screensaver. Let's see... – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Mar 29 '12 at 21:00
Ok, that's given me some good insight. Apparently it is a problem with XQuartz initializing and not with the remote system. If I switch to XQuartz / X11 and even open a new terminal the clipboard syncing from the remote system starts working. Very strange, thanks for your help. – cwd Mar 29 '12 at 22:25

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