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I am very new at bash, so forgive me for the novice question.

Here is my curl call:

curl -d 'username=cdaniels&wallclock=391324502' 'https://www-dev.***.***.edu/clusterusage/rest/update.html';

which pulls from a file ~/qacct.monthly with the format

Total    : OWNER         WALLCLOCK         UTIME         STIME           CPU             MEMORY                 IO                IOW
Total    : ==========================================================================================================================
Total    : cdaniels      391324502         0.195         0.066         0.261              0.000              0.007              0.000
Total    : jlinger               1         0.039         0.056         0.095              0.000              0.000              0.000
Total    : lbsome         18707336  18675574.761     21433.535  18697008.296       10604793.658           5527.986              0.000

The example only pulls one of the users, but I want it to parse through the information and pull all the usernames and wallclock information from all the users on the cluster for that month.

I'm wanting to put this into a script so that it executes every month (obviously through a cron job)

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I was thinking something like this: ~/qacct.monthly | awk '{print $3}''{print $4}' : which yields the username and wallclock information – Jeff Mar 28 '12 at 14:54
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Something like the following should work:

while IFS= read -r data; do
    curl -d "${data}" 'https://www-dev.***.***.edu/clusterusage/rest/update.html'
done < <(awk 'NR>2 { print "username="$3"&wallclock="$4 }' users)
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I keep getting an error: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token <' curl_sysadmin.sh: line 7: done < <(awk 'NR>2 { print "username=$3"&wallclock="$4 }' users)' – Jeff Mar 29 '12 at 14:02
@Jeff - Sorry, wrong interpreter. – Chris Down Mar 29 '12 at 17:25

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