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I was planning on installing a new Linux distribution and I am thinking of trying GNOME 3 interface. Other than Fedora 16 (which has GNOME 3 as default) which other distro supports it? I know it can be installed from the repository, but I tried the GNOME 3 on OpenSuse and had hard time running it; it never really integrated fully. So would be good to know what distro supports GNOME 3 seamlessly.

Any other distro than Fedora and Mint linux? (Not so keen on Mint so looking for others)

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Just install or try it live to use GNOME 3.


GNOME 3.2 is the default desktop environment of openSUSE 12.1.


GNOME 3 will be part of Mageia 2. Install ‘task-gnome’ after installing Mageia.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux has GNOME 3 in the extra repository.


From Oneiric (11.10) onwards, GNOME is just a click away.


GNOME 3 is available from the wheezy/testing repository.

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