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Having a (single, no batch filesystem processing needed) symlink, what a command line to use to replace it with a copy of the file it links to?

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cp --remove-destination "$(readlink <symlink>)" <symlink>
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error "-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'" when executed from a debian environment. – Goby Sep 24 at 23:53
perl -e '`cp $_ FOO;rm $_;mv FOO $_` for @ARGV' symlink1 symlink2
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Overly complicated way of doing it, plus it will nuke file FOO, if it should happen to exist. – Joe Sewell Mar 23 at 15:17
@joesewell what would you suggest except accepted solution? – mpapec Mar 23 at 20:01
Ignacio's answer is far more efficient, @mpapec. It just seems like overkill to invoke perl to invoke cp. – Joe Sewell Mar 23 at 20:46

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