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Linux delivers mail to home directory: /home/linker/Maildir under which are 3 directories new, cur, tmp.

When I type mail I get mail: /home/linker/Maildir/: Is a directory, which is not useful.

I have installed alpine but can't get it access the Maildir directory (above) to read the mails in new.

I guess its all about the .pinerc

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The alpine program does not support Maildir format mailboxes out of the box, although there is a patch floating around out there somewhere that adds this feature.

If you're using Maildir, you can use mutt, which works great with maildir folders, or you can set an IMAP server (e.g., dovecot) that supports Maildir, and then configure alpine and other mail clients to use IMAP for accessing your mail.

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My eternal thanks – user1082991 Mar 25 '12 at 21:58
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