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I've always wanted to know more about how people (power users and lambda users) were organizing there $HOME. The trend is currently is using xdg-users-dirs which define a set of most used folders like : Music/, Video/, Documents/, …

As a lot of geeks or developers or sysadmin, I do tweak a lot my shells and I do wrote a lot of scripts. The thing is :

  • Where do you usually put your scripts ?
  • Where do you usually put the lib that is common for a lot of your scripts and ?
  • What about docs or man ?

For example, for a long time, I did put everything in a $HOME/.local folder that was more or less like /usr/local (You could find bin/, lib/, share/, docs/, logs/). I'm thinking to not bother with the .local/ and put everything on home but I was wondering how people deal with that.

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I do exactly that and it works fine. I have bin etc local share src tmp var in my home dir and link ~/etc/foo to ~/.foo. This is great for version control and compiling to home dir on systems where I can't anywhere else. I mostly just have to edit PREFIX in config.mk to say $(HOME) or $(HOME)/local and I'm ready to go. – peth Mar 24 '12 at 18:24

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