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I am running compiz-gnome session with xfdesktop on fc16, don't ask why, but I have this weird problem. Some of the applications (e.g. tracker, or evolution )do not start the proper application for the appropriate filetype; instead nautilus is launched. I have checked under ./local/share/applications/ for the presence of the .desktop file, and mimeapps.list . I have debugged a bit and it seems that xdg-open does appropriate launch gvfs-open.

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I have finally found out what is wrong, and it seems that I am affected by this bug . The problem is that even though exo-filemanager had been updated the mimeapps.list file still contained the invalid entries. One has to manually edit the mimeapps.list and mimeinfo.cache and remove all the lines containing the x-scheme-handler lines.

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You need to append your handler under both the [Default Applications] entry and [Added Associations] if it's a new one.

But anyway, why wouldn't you use thunar to achieve this easily, see the Open With box: (You might just compare the mimeapps.list after changing the handler)

enter image description here

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