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Every time I do a full system upgrade pacman ask me the same question :

tarting full system upgrade...
:: Replace mga-dri with extra/libgl? [Y/n] n
:: Replace r128-dri with extra/libgl? [Y/n] n
:: Replace sis-dri with extra/libgl? [Y/n] n
:: Replace tdfx-dri with extra/libgl? [Y/n] n

and everytime I click no.

It's some kind of annoying.

How can I fix it ?

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You should blacklist the packages in question. Edit your /etc/pacman.conf:

IgnorePkg = mga-dri r128-dri sis-dri tdfx-dri

This way pacman will not try to upgrade these packages as long as they're blacklisted.

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Please note that keeping package no longer supported will possible lead to non-supported breakage. – Wieland Mar 15 '12 at 17:13

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