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I connect to my server using SSH:

ssh user@server -p 2224 -zZ abcd

I also have a git repository on my server. The only way I know to clone is:

git clone ssh://user@server.com:2224/path/to/repo

Using the above command I can't connect to my server because -zZ abcd is not in the command. I tried the following commands but doesn't work.

git clone ssh://user@server.com:2224/path/to/repo -zZ abcd

git clone "ssh://user@server.com:2224/path/to/repo -zZ abcd"

How can I include ssh parameters in git-clone command?

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You may set up configuration options to save typing; so, after

$ cat >>.git/config <<EOF
[remote "myrepo"]
    url = ssh://user@server.com:2224/path/to/repo -zZ abcd

use just git clone myrepo

See the explanations of the remote..url options in git config for details.

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Another possibility is to set per-host ssh options. This can be nice when you want the ssh options to work for all ssh commands and not just for git. These options go in ~/.ssh/config and are documented in man ssh_config. For example, ~/.ssh/config might include something like:

Host server.com
Compression "yes"
ConnectTimeout 4
GlobalKnownHostsFile /path/to/hosts_file
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