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I have a problem with linux mint. The icons, I am trying to genericize my computer, with Tux logos. But some way or another, the icons reverted to linuxmint after a reboot (files were overwritten with the mint logo...). I really dislike this. I need to know how to gut linuxmint components and possibly do an in-place swap to another distro.

It looked like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-0icCwQVtFE

But as soon as I rebooted, the tux menu icons change to linuxmint.

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Linux mint is overwriting other theme icons using the images in this directory :


Just overwrite those images with the images of your choosing, with the same sizes.

The side effect is now every other theme will use your chosen images for distribution logo.

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Go to Others > Advanced Settings > Themes and select the Icon theme from the Dropdown

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