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I am trying to write some install scripts for when I install/upgrade Ubuntu. I'm having trouble with fixing logrotate.d:

rotate 7
    reload rsyslog >/dev/null 2>&1 || true

I want to change rotate nnn to rotate 99. It must work for nnn to be any number of digits (normally 1 or 2), yet not affect the postrotate line.

I've tried these two but neither does what I need (and I tested with nnn being 1,2 or 3 digits).

sudo sed  's/rotate[0-9]*/rotate 99/' /etc/logrotate.d/ufw
sudo sed  's/^rotate[0-9]/rotate 99/' /etc/logrotate.d/ufw
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sed 's/rotate [0-9]\+/rotate 99/'


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rotate[0-9]* replaces rotate followed by zero or more digits, which matches the end of postrotate. rotate[0-9] replaces only one digit. Furthermore you're missing the space after rotate. I think this does what you want; it also handles indented lines:

sudo sed 's/^\( *rotate *\)[0-9][0-9]*/\1 99/' /etc/logrotate.d/ufw

Add the -i option to sed if you want to change the file in place.

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