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I'd like to report a bug with my wireless card cutting out (seemingly) randomly, but I don't know what log files to include.

I know a tail -F of a particular log file when the card cuts out would be invaluable.

I just don't want to submit a bug report with no log files that will get lost in the shuffle.

Right now, I'd attach the following:

  1. lspci | grep -i ethernet
  2. lshw -C network

But I still need some sort of log file.

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Normally when reporting the bugs the bug reporting system tells you what files to include, but if they don't then:

lspci -vvv



But you can simply install:

Debian BTS

and just follow the instructions. :)

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Cheers, thanks. – Julian H. Lam Mar 4 '12 at 21:11

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