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I'm trying to compile and install gearman onto a CentOS 6 box, and am getting an error when I compile from its source code. It requires the boost libraries, and was failing on that at first, but I installed those and it gets past that. Now, however, when I run ./configure it is failing with the message:

. . .
checking for ld that supports -Wl,-z,relro... yes
checking event.h usability... no
checking event.h presence... no
checking for event.h... no
configure: error: Unable to find libevent

So I installed libevent like so:

yum install libevent.i686

And that didn't help. So I downloaded the source to my home directory, extracted it to a sub directory within my home directory, ran ./configure and then make install and then tried ./configure on the gearman source, but it still gives me the configure: error: Unable to find libevent message. You can imagine how annoying that is! Especially after I tried installing libevent via yum and then installed it from source.

Any tips to get gearman ./configure to get past this message?


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You need libevent-devel for the development files.

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Thanks for the solution. – ariestav Mar 5 '12 at 1:34

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