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Chromium is not honoring font matching, set by Fontconfig. If webpage CSS specifies fantasy, Chromium chooses Impact.

Fontconfig Configuration for fantasy,

$ fc-match fantasy
BauhausStd-Medium.otf: "Bauhaus Std" "Medium"

If webpage CSS specifies Helvetica, Chromium Chooses the default fallback font.

Fontconfig Configuration for Helvetica,

$ fc-match helvetica
HelveticaLTStd-Roman.otf: "Helvetica LT Std" "Roman"

Chromium Release tag,

17.0.963.56 (Developer Build 121963 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10

Is it possible to force Chromium to use the Fontconfig settings? Or manually specify custom fallbacks? I'm fully aware of the limited font configuration dialog, accessible in chromium preferences.

I appreciate any help received, in regards to my question.

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