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GNOME 3 is not compatible with Compiz, so I cannot use the desktop zoom feature from Compiz. I googled for a long time, and it seems GNOME still does not support desktop zoom -- does it? I am using GNOME 3.2.1

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There is the zoom option in GNOME3's accessability menu (tray icon near the right end of the system tray / top panel). – fheub Mar 5 '12 at 10:30
@fheub I can switch the setting “Zoom” in the control panel to on or off, but how to access the zoom function? It says: “Zoom in: No shortcut set” and “Zoom out: No shortcut set”. How to assign these shortcuts? – Marco Mar 5 '12 at 11:11

For those who don't mind using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse scrollwheel, here they are (tested with Gnome 3.14.2:

  • Super+Alt+8 : Toggle zoom enabled/disabled (when enabled, the next two keyboard shortcuts become active)
  • Super+Alt+'+' : Zoom in (increases zoom factor by 1.0)
  • Super+Alt+'-' : Zoom out (decreases zoom factor by 1.0, until it is 1.0)

(Yes, decreasing zoom factor all the way down to 1.0 will look unzoomed, but zoom (and its keyboard shortcuts) remain active.)

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To answer my own question...

The Gnome3 has a zoom feature in the accessability menu. Thanks to @fheub. If you want to use shotcut key, you can edit the shotcut key in the keyboard system settings.

But my point is:

  1. the zoom feature in accessability menu is designed for people with vision problem. Has the Gnome developer ever relize everyone may want/need such a feature recardless of the condition of their eyes?
  2. By setting the shotcut key, it is literally means the the key on your keyboard, not including your mouse. But with Compiz, I can use the mod-key + mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out. Much more convenient.
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Gnome Shell Mousewheel zoom is an extension to provide this functionality, it doesn't seem to be on extensions.gnome.org yet.


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