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I set up byobu auto run with the command byobu-enable. It's great when I log in from terminal or ssh, but how can I make xterm attach to it automatically ? (mate-terminal from Linux mint especially)

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Byobu actually installs a desktop application, too. In classic Gnome (Mint?), this should be under Applications -> Accessories.

When you run byobu-enable, it places a line at the end of your ~/.profile. If you want byobu to launch every time you run xterm, then you should add that line to ~/.bashrc instead. Note that if you're using tmux (rather than screen) as your byobu backend, you'll need to unset the $TMUX variable too. Try this:

echo "_byobu_sourced=1 TMUX= . /usr/bin/byobu-launch" >> ~/.bashrc

Full disclosure: I am the original author and current maintainer of Byobu.

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