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I used nm command to inspect the function names in a .so library. And the result I got is like this:

00009634 T _Z24ICTCLAS_ParagraphProcessPKciPc9eCodeTypeb
00009764 T _Z25ICTCLAS_ParagraphProcessAPKciRi9eCodeTypeb
00009b24 T _Z26ICTCLAS_ParagraphProcessAWPKcP17tagICTCLAS_Result9eCodeTypeb

Actually there are functions called ParagraphProcess and ParagraphProcessA.

But how to interpret the prefix(_Z24ICTCLAS_) and suffix(PKciPc9eCodeTypeb) and the address-like string(00009634) at the start of the line?

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Have you tried using the -C flag on the nm command? It should demangle the names.

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Thanks, man is a great tool. –  xiaohan2012 Feb 27 '12 at 10:51

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