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ssh bobby@tony:~$ which tmux                                                                        
ssh bobby@tony:~$ sudo which tmux                                                                   
ssh bobby@tony:~$ echo $PATH                                                                        
ssh bobby@tony:~$ sudo echo $PATH                                                                   

Anyone knows what's going on here? Why does sudo which tmux return /usr/local/bin/tmux instead of /usr/bin/tmux?

PS: I have 2 versions of tmux installed (one in /usr/bin and the other in /usr/local/bin).

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It's because your root user has a different path.

sudo echo $PATH

prints your path. It's your shell that does the variable expansion, before sudo starts (and passes it as a command line argument, expanded).


sudo sh -c 'echo $PATH'
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Precisely. It's controlled by the secure_path sudoers option. – James Youngman Feb 26 '12 at 23:35

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