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When using sudo, applications do not follow the GTK2 theme and font. How can I set identical settings for use when an application is run from root, but while inside a desktop from a user?

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You can create a .gtkrc-2.0 file inside /root, such as

gtk-font-name="Sans 10"

Or, can install an utility like lxappearance and run it with sudo, then you can set the theme graphically.

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Should the user account have this file somewhere? I think I could symlink or copy the file to the root folder, however, I do not see a hidden .gtkrc file anywhere in the user account. How are these settings stored for a user account? – Village Feb 26 '12 at 1:23
In the user account you also have a .gtkrc-2.0 in your HOME directory. – Renan Feb 26 '12 at 1:24
There is no .gtkrc-2.0 file in my home directory of the user account, yet I have a custom theme set. Does XFce4 store this information differently? – Village Feb 26 '12 at 1:26
I think so, probably it stores the GTK configuration in another form. Anyway, you can just use lxappearance to create a .gtkrc-2.0 file. – Renan Feb 26 '12 at 1:28

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