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Most of the live CD systems I have come across don't seem to have the LFS requirements pre-installed (i.e. everything on this list).

Are there any live CD systems that come with the required software for LFS 7.0 preinstalled?

I have used the LFS liveCD in the past, but it looks like it is too out of date to be used with book 7.0.

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You could build your own. While this clearly seems to be a chicken-and-egg problem, I just had a deeper look at SUSE Studio and it could be of great use here. Just login/create an account, choose a base template (say, "minimal X"), add software, choose "Live CD" in the Build tab.

Since all OpenSUSE repositories are available, you should find everything that's needed. Plus, when your finished, you can Share the image as "OpenSUSE LiveCD that supports everything needed for LFS 7.0"

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I follwed sr_'s advice and made a quick minimal x build for parted, added a few things like wget and the current LFS wget-list url file. http://susestudio.com/a/Ddud1R/lfs-71

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if you read lfs documentation more carefully, then you discover: prerequisities(this is just a one) bash-3.2(NEWER VERSIONS IS NOT TESTED!)

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This doesn't answer the question, which asks to mention any existing distributions that satisfy the LFS requirements, rather than just mentioning one of the requirements. – dhag Mar 19 '15 at 15:28

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