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I do run ssh server "svn info /path/to/codebase" from php. It works fine but I wan to know how to check if the ssh login was not successful.

I want to check from my php script that ssh server is up and login process finished successfully. How can do that?

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You can look at the return code from the ssh command. If the command fails, ssh will return a non-zero exit code. According to the PHP documentation, the system and exec functions both allow you to capture the return code of a command in the *return_var* parameter.

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The return code is useful, but be aware that you can get a non-zero result if the ssh login succeeds but the remote command fails. If you don't expect svn info to fail once you've logged in, then this is no big deal.

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Good point so I can check both output of svn info and return code of ssh itself. – Radek Feb 15 '12 at 3:09

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