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On a Linux (debian) box, I have a NFS server wich seems to be overloaded by requests. In order to identify the problem, I'm trying to monitor with auditd/auditctl accessed files in the partition exported by the NFS server.

The problem is that our disk or nfs problem prevents auditd to write logs on /var/log/auditd/auditd.log.

What I really need is to send all logs somewhere else than on a local file.

Can I simply redirect all logs from to (the network is working correctly) ?

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Surely, if you use rsyslog as a transport – Vitaly Isaev Aug 28 '14 at 12:15
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I'm assuming you're on Linux by how you phrased your question. Should that be the case, then yes there is, look into audisp-remote and audispd. These are standard components in the current audit tools on Linux.

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I'm using linux, right (just edited my question). I have just found those two tools. Could not find any documentation except man pages yet... – ascobol Feb 13 '12 at 17:22

You can set the auditd log file in /etc/auditd.conf. You can't make auditd itself send logs over the network, but you can direct it to a file that's on some other remote filesystem such as sshfs.

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