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My last system was Fedora 12, and I don't recall doing anything special to get

Applications Places Desktop

at the top and having multiple workspaces (also switchable at the top). I can't find any of this in my new Fedora 16 installation - what am I missing?

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You're missing the fact the Fedora has moved from GNOME 2.x to Gnome 3... and that most users have moved on to Xfce. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Feb 13 '12 at 6:54

You can switch between multiple workspaces with ctrl+alt+up / ctrl+alt+down. To the retrieve the application you should use super key (or windows key) and write the name of wanted application or place

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What I am doing now is using Activities and putting them on the bar at the top, and using KDE - this seems to do what I need. What I didn't like about Gnome 3 was the lack of minimize button at the top right of the window - I didn't want minimizing to be a two step activity. I also wanted activity (workspace) switching to be a one click activity.

But there are also multiple virtual desktops which can be set in Settings->System Settings.

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