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Using Red Hat, I sent few jobs to a cluster and got "job IDs" in return. Using qstat I can see only one is running, one was canceled and the rest are still in the queue.

I wrote something like this:

echo "sh blahblahblah.sh" ǀ walltime=12:00:00, mem=4gb

and got something like this: 1234567.someletters

I can remove a job by qdel and type the number.

Shouldn't I be able to know what each ID refers to?

How can I see the command I typed for each job?

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Which kind of cluster are you using? On which operative system? – andcoz Feb 10 '12 at 15:02
what did you use to launch/send jobs to cluster? in most clusters, you would have some job statistics program associated with, that would list the jobs running on the cluster nodes and their description, (akin to ps output on a single host) For example, if you are using SGE/OrGE/OpenGridScheduler/Univa, the program would be qstat and you can explore the parameters to the program. – Nikhil Mulley Feb 10 '12 at 15:27

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