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It looks like I can get to the waste-basket through nautilus, but when I look at the location given by properties, I see "trash:///".

But I can't "cd trash:///". Where is the waste-basket? And in general, if I can find a file in nautilus, how do I get there from terminal? I've had some similar issues in the past with mounted media as well, so a general answer would be greatly appreciated.

In case it is relevant, I'm using PinguyOS.

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trash:// is a protocol, not a location.

A post on AskUbuntu says it should be in ~/.local/share/Trash. Try there.

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Keep in mind: Removable media will have a separate trash folder (possibly /media/usbdrive/.Trash-$UID) – charlesbridge Feb 8 '12 at 12:30

The desktop spec says it belongs in $HOME/.local/share/Trash assuming you have an adequately new version of GNOME.

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