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How can I install (from a repository?*) a fresh but still stable version of LibreOffice under Scientific Linux 6.1 64bit?

* = this means I need updates too, so if there will be a newer stable version of LibreOffice, then I it should update it self (of course with the package manager set to auto update). Because if I just install a .rpm file then it wouldn't be updated if there are newer releases..

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This guide might help you:

  1. Extract the RPMs:

    $ tar -xvzf LibO_3.5.2_Linux_x86_install-rpm_en-US.tar.gz
  2. Install them all:

    $ cd LibO_3.5.2rc2_Linux_x86_install-rpm_en-US/RPMS
    $ sudo rpm -ivh *.rpm
  3. Install the freedesktop RPM:

    $ cd desktop-integration
    $ sudo rpm -ivh libreoffice3.5-freedesktop-menus-3.5-202.noarch.rpm
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Check if either of the following works:

yum groupinstall "Office/Productivity"
yum install libreoffice-base libreoffice-writer \
            libreoffice-calc libreoffice-impress
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